Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MY story

ok it isn't a fanfic so it's not on a sit besides deviantart so here it is:

Flight of the


By: Abbi Moyer


Flight in the skies

The wind blew through my hair as I went flying higher and higher. And no, I was NOT in an air plane. I was cloud surfing and me and my brother were racing. Ok, I know this sounds weird but to answer a few questions you must already have we are not magic, angles, or anything else mythical or magical.

So now with that out of the way, we were cloud surfing (which is NOT allowed but we do it any way) when we both saw it. You see we're twins so in some part of our brains we can know the same thing at the same time. So when we saw the light at the same time we knew that we had found what we were looking for. We were looking for the hole in the sky near the Mona or sun. We saw it in an INDENICAL dream NOT so normal for us. The doctors told us it would stop after the surgery. That's why we went cloud surfing to find the hole. And the sounds of sirens were loud in the air as we sped up and then…….

Chapter 1

An Off Start

The bright light hurt my eyes. So, I turned my head and to my disappointment I was in my room.

"NO!" I shouted. I so close to finding what we've been looking for all most our entire lives. Our parents. That did it I had woken my twin, Adrian. He looked a lot like me except for well the obvious.

"What's wrong Ayana? ...Oh god, you had the dream to? The doctors told us they'd stop after a while once we'd gotten the surge!"

"Well what if I want to find our parents! If that means that we have these creepy dreams then fine with me!" I was in tears again. My brother, bless his soul, got up sat on my bed and put his arm around my shoulder and told me they were probably dead any way. I threw his arm off my shoulder and screamed at him.

"Stop saying that!" I felt defeated when he said that. So, for the umpteenth time I slugged right in the nose.

"Ow, believe it or not I have feelings-"he started while repositioning his nose

"Not" I muttered.

"You buthole!" he screamed, "I do everything for you and all I get is a bloody nose every week-"


  1. i have questions *puts hand up*
    why can they fly or was it just a dream?
    what was the surgery for?

  2. ok to answer your qustins:
    1) they can fly.(it was still a dream) they have on theses shoes that put together the particales in clouds so they cah stand on them
    2)Where they live twins are uncommen so when the council found out about their identical dreams the council made them get a surgey that would SUPOSEEDLY stop them.
    Any more qustins just ask ok bye


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